What our customers have to say

Our customers are the reason why we’re always at the top of our permanent make-up game. Over the years, we’ve helped many people become more confident in themselves and proud of their looks. Here’s what some of them have said about our work.

  • Allison Jones

    Shannon is thee best! I was so nervous and excited and she made me so comfortable. Her shop is so nice and clean and beautiful and you just felt at home now to the eyebrows she took all her time making sure that I selected what it was that I wanted. I'm happy with the work that she did and I now found a new friend. Thank you Shannon I would recommend her to anyone looking for eyebrows.

  • Jill H (Neven’s Girl)

    Shannon is a master of her craft! My tattoo/powder brows are bangin’ and beautiful! I receive compliments on them almost daily. She eliminated @ 10-15 minutes I would have needed every single morning to continue to shape and fill in my eyebrows. I am very excited that I have other, additional tattoo services booked with Shannon in the near future! She is the best at what she does and has become a good friend of mine, too. It is a win-win situation for me!! 😃

  • Jessica Romanias

    Highly recommend! I waited a long time to get this done. Finally, after my sister went to Shannon and I saw how beautiful her work was, I was sold. Shannon explained every detail of the microblading process and assured me that my eyebrows would look completely natural - she was right! I finally love my eyebrows 🙂 .

  • Darcy Carroll

    Love my eyebrows! Such a great job! Shannon is very consultative and recommended things based on experience and my skin type and coloring. Her shop is adorable and clean. Highly recommend her services. She makes you feel very comfortable and trustworthy of her skilled hand.

  • Gennifer Gaskins

    Shannon did an AMAZING job on my eyebrows! I chose the powder brow technique, and it's exactly what I've been looking for. I was extremely nervous before my first appointment and even though I had done my research, I still had a lot of questions about it. Her friendly personality immediately put me at ease and she patiently answered my questions, along with explaining each step of the process as she went along, making sure that I was 100% satisfied with the look of them before she started the tattooing process. I'm thrilled with the shape of them and the fact that they match my natural hair color perfectly; I finally feel happy when I see my face in the mirror. If you're at all on the fence about having yours done, I would encourage you to make your appointment with Shannon sooner rather than later, you won't regret it. I'm so happy that I finally took the plunge and had them done, I just wish I had done it sooner! Thank you Shannon!

  • Karen Cynkar

    I absolutely LOVE what Shannon has done with my eyebrows. They look fabulous and I get compliments all the time. So natural looking. She is very professional and makes you feel completely comfortable. Make an appointment. You will not regret it!

  • Ksthkeen Grehl

    The minute I walked in the door I loved Shannon. She was incredibly professional and so personable. She took so much time mapping the eyebrows to make sure they were exactly as they should be for my facial features. She is a perfectionist on her client’s behalf and I couldn’t be more grateful! She did such a beautiful and natural looking job! 💗

  • Berni Thomas

    Shannon is simply fantastic! Her work is remarkable. Whether your brows are light, over-tweezed, or non-existent, she’s got you girl. I researched brow artists for a year before I made the call. Now I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! Check out her IG and you’ll know why I trusted Shannon. Simply the best!!! Thank you Shannon….you’re a star 🌟 wish I could rate you 10 stars or more!!!

  • Mary Ann

    Shannon made me feel so calm and the atmosphere of her shop is very nice. She did a wonderful job with my eyebrows. I absolutely love them. I highly recommend her.

  • Lynda Szabo

    Shannon is wonderful--she is caring and put me at ease from the moment I arrived! She's an artist who took great care in designing my eyebrows and explaining the process. They're beautiful!

  • Kristen Fedeli

    Shannon made me feel comfortable from the second that I walked in! She explained the process in great detail so that I was never wondering what was going on. She encouraged me to look in the mirror often during the process and give her feedback about how I was feeling. It was an amazing experience and I love my brows more and more every time I look in the mirror! Thank you Shannon for everything!!

  • Mama T

    I was so nervous initially becasue I’ve never had microblading done but Shannon made me feel so at ease from the moment I walked into her establishment. She walked me through every step of the process and made sure to answer any questions I had. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking to get your eyebrows done. Phenomenal work!! It was well worth the hour drive it took me to get to her!!

  • Ashly Kish

    My experience was beyond my expectations!! Shannon is simply amazing! She made me feel comfortable from the time I walked in to the time I walked out. I haven’t had my brows done in a little over 4 years. I had some blown out lines, to deep of slits for microbladding as well as oxidized ink, I felt like my brows were not my brows . I didn’t feel like me. Shannon’s expertise and comforting words made me feel like me again. She was so detailed with mapping out, measuring and making sure the color matched with my hair and skin tones. Complete Professional! I AbSoLuTeLy LoVE lOvE my brows. I cried I was so excited to see them, my mother and sister were so excited also! They loved the shape and said how it complemented my face. My husband was really stoked when he saw them, his whole face and smile said it all 🖤 Shannon is such a cool soul, I can’t wait for my next session and schedule a eyeliner tattoo!! Highly recommending her to everyone!! Thank you Shannon for my beautiful brows and making me feel like me again!! 🖤

  • Christina Phelan

    I absolutely love my brows and Shannon!! My brows look natural and are just perfect! Shannon was very professional, accommodating, friendly, and made sure I was comfortable through the entire process. I wish I would have found her sooner! If you are thinking of making an appointment with Shannon, DO IT NOW, you will be so happy you did!!!

  • Jessica Beckert

    Shannon did an amazing job! She is so good at what she does! She answered all of my questions and talked me through the entire process. I would definitely recommend her.

  • Beverly Peters

    I lost my brows during chemotherapy. They never grew back. Three years later and I finally got the guts up to have them microbladed. Shannon made me feel comfortable and gave me the natural look I wanted.

  • Rhonda Moore

    Shannon is an artist. Such talent to go along with her awesome personality. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to look marvelous

  • Christina Lopez

    Shannon is the absolute BEST!! She is truly an artist, so professional and highly trained. My brows look so natural, I just love them! She made me feel comfortable the whole time and always kept me informed with what she was doing next. Her shop is spotless, so clean and everything is sterile. I would travel hours to go to her, I just can't recommend her enough!

  • Amie Korn

    Shannon is hands down the BEST. So professional..so knowledgeable.. meticulous... and so fun and kind. Always look forward to seeing her.. and AMAZING FABULOUS WORK.

  • Katie Marie

    Wish I could give Shannon 10 Stars! She is amazing at what she does. I've always been slightly self-conscience of my brows and let me tell you, now I'm completely in love with them!! From the beginning to the end of the microblading process she includes you to make sure you feel completely comfortable and she will not to anything unless you want her to. If you've been contemplating having this done, stop putting it off. You'll wish you had done it a long time ago!!!

  • Kayla McGregor

    Shannon is a brow genius. I started over-waxing my naturally full brows when i was a young teenager, and even after stopping that and not touching my brows at all for like 12 years - they will not grow back in. I came to Shannon with very, very sparse, thin rounded eyebrows. And she made them FABULOUS. We did a combo brow (both microblading and powder), and I have never been so happy about my face. Thank you Shannon! Her salon is adorable and cozy, and everything is super clean. She is a true professional and I highly recommend her. I'm so glad to have found her!

  • Jamie Nuske

    Shannon is THE BEST AND MOST EXPERIENCED brow artist in Beaver County! I have had the pleasure of her work for over 3 years now and I get sooooooo many compliments on my eyebrows! I was a challenge because my brows started so thin and uneven and yay me I have an unsymmetrical face but Shannon took me on and made me more confident and gave me brows from Heaven! I highly recommend her! Her prices are fair and reasonable and she is more than qualified with certification and experience! Her and I always have a great time together and best part- I don’t ever feel a thing! Pain free! 10/10 2 thumbs way up for The Brow Company by Shannon!!!!

  • Kasie Hawrylak

    Shannon is kind, professional, detail oriented, honest, fun, friendly and a master of micro blading! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • Lindsay DeJulio

    Shannon is amazing! I’ve been going to her for year now. I commute forty minutes to see her because she does phenomenal work. I get compliments on my brows all the time. I even had a man (a straight man) tell me how great my brows were once. Microblading and the semi permanency of it I was hesitant about when I first heard about it a couple years back. An old friend of Shannon showed me Shannon’s before and after photos of her work and I was wowed. Sold! I’ve been going to her ever since. Her prices are extremely reasonable. She has an impeccably clean work environment. Her personality is also very lovely, but above all else she is really really good at her job. Five stars hands down

  • christie giles

    I have been going to Shannon for 3 years now and I will never go to anyone else. She is soo professional yet so kind. She loves what she does and it absolutely shows in her work. I trust her 100%. As someone who has a cleaning business I can say she keeps her shop IMMACULATE as well.

  • Erin Yoest

    My brows look amazing!! Shannon is so professional and took so much time with them considering my natural brows were so sparse and crooked... Thank you so much Shannon 💟 you're very good at what you do, the salon is so cute and clean and your made me feel very comfortable

  • Abigail Rupert

    Let me just start of by saying how overjoyed I am that I took the plunge and got my eyebrows micro-bladed. Not micro-bladed by just anyone, but with Shannon! My experience with her from start to finish exceeded my expectations. From the cozy, inviting, and stylish atmosphere of her shop to the high-quality professional services that she offers, you will be blown away with stunning results! Check her out! You will NOT be disappointed! I refuse to go anywhere else! #clientforlife 💖

  • Jen Ritorto

    Shannon was very professional and calming. She made sure my eyebrows were perfect and takes her time to be sure you’re happy with them!! I couldn’t be happier with my results!

  • Stefanie Wright

    Shannon is AMAZING!!! She made me feel comfortable and relaxed through the whole process! During this challenging time she also made me feel super safe by making me wash my hands before I came in and wear a mask the entire time. Shannon was also very cautious and wore a mask, shield, gloves, and sanitized her hands multiple times. She is super professional and extremely talented at what she does. I love the fact that she wants you to tell her if you need something added or changed, “because, they are your brows” is what she says. I can feel confident in saying they look perfect or can you add a little right there. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone who is considering getting their eyebrows microbladed!

  • Karen G

    I am so amazed at the microblading that Shannon did for me. I had consultations at several other places, and wouldn't have let any one of them touch my brows, but when I met Shannon, I knew right away that her work would be outstanding. She's very professional and quite the perfectionist, which is exactly what you want when you're trusting someone with a permanent result. I wanted a completely natural look since I had lost my brows with age, and I was blown away by my results. I actually shed a few tears of joy at how natural and perfect they looked. I would recommend Shannon to anyone who's looking for a high quality result. I am usually pretty hard to impress, but I was beyond thrilled with the entire experience with Shannon !

  • Aislynn Merling

    Shannon does absolutely amazing work. My eyebrows were somewhat thin but also had odd gaps. She filled them in beautifully giving me a little bit of an extra arch but still following my natural brow! She also made me feel so comfortable and confident in her work as she explained everything to me every step of the way. You won’t find someone who makes you feel so great about the experience as Shannon. So thrilled with my natural looking brows! Thank you Shannon!

  • Anita Alberti

    Shannon is a true artist and it shows in her work. Her facility is very clean and sterile, she follows all the CDC guidelines to a tee. During my appointment Shannon was very confident, professional and was always concerned with my level of comfort. It is obvious that Shannon is well educated and continues to stay on top of the current knowledge in this industry. Shannon comes not only with a wealth of knowledge, but with a wealth of experience and is worth every penny. Don't be fooled by others who try to mimic Shannon. "The Brow Company BY SHANNON" is the way to go!

  • Heather Bullian

    Shannon is amazing! She is very professional and makes you feel so relaxed and at ease. She takes her time to make sure everything is perfect and makes sure you have a great experience. I never imagined my eyebrows could look so great!! I highly recommend her!!

  • Heather Kelleher

    Shannon was patient and understanding through the whole process and took time to explain every step of the process. Because she took the time to walk me through everything she was able to calm me down when she saw I was getting nervous. She is a fantastic, caring professional and a true artist! I highly recommend Shannon to anyone considering permanent makeup!

  • K G

    Shannon is incredible ! She's a true artist and transformed my look exactly how I had hoped. I thought for a long time before getting microblading and was extremely nervous. I had multiple consults at other salons and knew the moment I met Shannon that she was the only one that I would feel comfortable with. She's very professional, calming, and really cares about her clients. I had been scheduled prior to the COVID shut down, so I just had my re-scheduled appointment today after businesses have opened again. I was concerned about safety, and she was meticulous about sanitizing everything before every client, wearing protective mask and face shield, and requiring all clients to wear masks and wash hands upon arrival. It was refreshing to see a business executing proper safety measures to keep their clients safe and assured. I will never go to anyone but Shannon. She is fantastic!

  • Emily Morris

    Shannon is an expert at what she does! I love the way she made my brows look so natural!

  • sheri manning

    Fabulous. Love the work and love Shannon. She does an incredible job. I always feel better when I leave with my new brows ! Sheri Manning

  • Lisa Bowser

    Shannon does a great job! I first had my brows done over a year ago and they stayed very nice and natural looking. You won't be disappointed with her work. She is very meticulous and always wants you to be happy!

  • Jan Stanger

    Shannon goes out of her way to make you feel at ease. I followed her work for 2 years before I got the courage to get my brows done---12 years after chemo. She does the most natural work I've seen, asks what you want to look like, keeps you as comfortable as possible, makes sure you look the way you want to look. Shannon is at the pinnacle of her craft!!!! A true artist!. 😍

  • Tiffany Rossman

    What an AMAZING experience!! I am a cancer survivor & eyebrows didn’t grow back so well and while I was hesitant of getting micro blade, I’m so glad I did it. Shannon is such a nice, laid back, & professional salon owner. She explained every step of the process during the session. Calm relaxing environment with nothing but the BEST RESULTS!!!! Definitely recommend you checking her out. Thanks Shannon, I feel like me again ❤️

  • Lexi Popovic

    If your looking for very natural eyebrows Shannon is your girl! I got my eyebrows done last summer and i was super nervous. I went to a few different consults before i decided to pick her. She was very professional and took the time to explain to me the process and the upkeep. She stands by her costumers 100%. I would recommend her to anyone! You won’t be disappointed!

  • Sandy Bacchus

    My eyebrows were pretty scarce and I was tired of coloring them in daily. Shannon changed all of that. She is fantastic, listens to your concerns and puts you at ease. Her work is above and beyond! I have also had my lashes lifted and tinted and it was great! I highly recommend Shannon!

  • Kristy Buige

    Shannon did an amazing job on my brows!! I’ve been considering microblading for years and never went through with it... until I found Shannon. I love her natural technique. She’s honest and friendly and the entire process was much easier than I expected. If you’re considering microblading, just do it! You’ll be so glad you did!

  • CAG

    I wish I could give Shannon 10 stars! My eyebrows look amazing and I’m so incredibly happy with the whole experience. I highly recommend going to Shannon!!!!

  • heather gutierrez

    First of all, Shannon is super sweet and fabulous! I felt so comfortable and relaxed getting my eyebrows microbladed. She took her time and had me check what they looked like several times to assure my happiness with the end result. It did not hurt at all (which was much different than my first experience with another company) so I was very pleased with that aspect. The end result is perfection! Thank you Shannon!

  • Lorri Baldelli

    Since I wear glasses it is hard to get my eyeliner on. No worries anymore, Shannon tattooed them on . They are amazing! I recommend this to all women like myself who can't see well without glasses. I LOVE MY EYELINER! Go see her! The shop is so cute and clean. Very Professional work! 5 stars from me

  • Kelly Ziegler

    I love love love my eyebrows! I was really excited to get them done and didn’t know what to expect. Shannon (who by the way could be my new BFF, love her vibe!) was so awesome.!! She really cares about how you feel the entire process. She takes the time to explain the entire procedure and answer any questions proactively. During the procedure she explains what she is doing and makes you feel comfortable. She’s truly a perfectionist! I expected pain but never felt ANY! The experience was actually relaxing and in the end I have beautiful eyebrows!! Love Love Love!

  • Kimberley Prah

    Absolutely wonderful experience!! Shannon is the best. I love my eyebrows!!

  • Sheryl Manning

    Fabulous!! She always does a great job and the process was super easy. I saw instant results !!! Love it! Love it!

  • Michele Dannenmueller

    Shannon gave life to my over tweezed brows(hey it was the 2000s) Literally I had about 5 eyebrow hairs and having to spend 20 minutes a day on filling my brows just became impossible after having 2 kids running around. The brow company by Shannon is the best around! She is not too heavy handed and the pain is very minimal, don’t worry there is a numbing cream involved. She is extremely educated in her craft and very meticulous with every stroke. Worth every dollar!

  • Kelly Haley

    I can’t express my gratitude for Shannon’s services. I couldn’t be happier with my results or with Shannon herself. She is professional and detail oriented, which is a must in this profession. I did experience a small snafu at the beginning of my service that she quickly resolved and I was left completely satisfied. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for Microblading.

  • Jeff Grassell

    My wife just had her brows done and they look incredible. They look so natural...I can't believe that they are not real hairs. I was reluctant for her to go so soon after COVID restrictions lifted, but Shannon couldn't have been more thorough with cleaning procedures and safety standards. I'm really impressed to see a business owner put client safety and wellness as a complete priority. My wife can't say enough good things about her experience with Shannon.

  • crystal siget

    Shannon is great! I had my first microblading experience last fall and was a returning customer just a few months ago. I, like many, over-tweezed in high school and that mistake has followed me around for the last twenty years. All I can say is I’m going to be a life-long customer of Shannon’s. It’s an amazing feeling waking up, or getting out of the shower and having perfect brows! If you have been considering microblading please go see Shannon...like right now! 😀

  • Emily Ray

    Going to see Shannon at The Brow Company by Shannon was the absolute BEST thing that I could have ever done for myself. I know spending money on ourselves is sometimes hard for women to do but I can honestly say that this was well worth the investment. Whether you want micro blading or just want your brows shaped up and tinted- I guarantee that you will leave The Brow Company by Shannon completely satisfied. I'm telling you, being able to wake up EVERY MORNING (8 months after micro blading) with the same eye brows that I do NOT need to touch is such a confidence booster.

  • Randi Gatto

    Shannon is a friendly, knowledgeable, detail oriented brow artist!

  • Amber Nagel

    Ok, so this is one cool chick! I've had some people do awesome hair, awesome nails and this by far is the best service I've had hands down!!! Super professional, very open and honest, makes you feel welcomed and at home. If you're double thinking it DON'T, just do it. You won't regret it at all!!!! My brows are the bomb 💣

  • Kendall Bieselt

    I love my brows , shannon is super professional and really listened to what I wanted. I ended up with really natural looking brows. Love them and her and will definitely be back!

  • Caitlin Hollencamp

    THE BEST THING IVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF. I was terrified of the 'what ifs' and the potential if pain. But, they turned out better than I could have ever imagined (I'm only hours in, but seriously, this woman works miracles)! Pain is NOT a thing here either. A few stinging spots, but NO pain! Shannon is a super professional, kind hearted, artist! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone considering microblading!

  • Mckenna Houk

    She is amazing!!! I have alopecia areata ever since I w as s 2 years old. My eye brows recently had fallen out, and she has made me even more confident than I already am!! I love them and w I uldnt change them. She does amazing work and is very personable and understanding when it comes to her work. Highly recommended!!!

  • Shannon Bowser

    I’m very happy with my brows! I just had my first touch-up and Shannon did a good job as usual. Highly recommended!!

  • Tara King

    Shannon did my microblading today and it looks great! She explained everything and made the appointment super comfortable. Thanks Shannon!

  • Rachael Perlick

    I was hesitant to get microblading because I was worried about them looking fake or too dark. Shannon did a PERFECT job. My brows are so natural looking.

  • Wendy Murphy

    Shannon is amazing..she makes sure everything is perfect!! So happy with my brows!! Wonderful experience!!

  • Andrea King

    Shannon is very personable! Fabulous lash lifts and eyeliner! I always look forward to our appointments

  • Jacque Alvar

    The best experience ever! Made you feel right at home,So funny and Polite , and her work is absolute perfection! Couldn’t be happier with the results! I did full shading and the shape and wing is perfect.

  • Becki Singer

    Shannon is great at what she does and is a caring and genuinely awesome person. Thank you so much for my new brows and lashes 😘

  • Judy Brown

    Shannon is ABOVE and beyond PROFESSIONAL AND FUN! Such a perfectionist!! Salon is clean and cozy!

  • Amy Komack

    Shannon fixed the previous micro blading I had done. She is really good at what she does.

  • Maggie Wade Martinez

    Love ,love my eye brows Thank you Shannon. Oh and the eye lash lift you made me feel so beautiful

  • Roxanne Delon

    I googled for a close nearby and took a chance. Best decision I made. She is very professional, and she does amazing work! I recommend you give her a call as you will be very satisfied!

  • Tiffany Cooper

    Loved every minute! Owner took her time and in detail explained everything! She was just as excited as I was for the outcome! Worth every penny!

  • Debbie Gentile

    Love my brows & Shannon is wonderful!

  • Paula Jo Harakal

    Excellent. Truly excellent. Maps out your face. Immaculate.

  • Donna Mancin

    I was tired of penciling in my brows and mentioned it to my friend. She went online and found Shannon, who is within 15 minutes of us. Together we made an appointment! It was a big adventure for me as I was nervous about how this would happen and if I would have a lot of pain from the needle. As it went, there was little discomfort, a bit of joking around and I didn’t end up looking like “Uncle Leo” from Seinfeld! Shannon took special care to do my brows just right…attention to details with this procedure is important! None of us have perfectly matching eyebrows, ears, etc. She used her expertise to help diminish my uneven brows…every time I am near a mirror I am pleasantly surprised. Thank you, Shannon! I will see you in November…I am anxious to have my eyes lined! Donna