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Combo Brows

A combination of microblading and powder brows, this treatment gives your brows a natural appearance and also makes them fuller and darker compared to using microblading alone.

Shannon & Amy

Why Should You Choose Combo Brows?

Combo brows—or combination brows—gives you luscious eyebrows with more body. It offers several benefits to help you get a complete look:

  • It helps give you more confidence, especially if you’re struggling with growing hair
  • It’s the perfect treatment for hair-like texture, density, and definition
  • It eliminates the need for a daily maintenance routine
  • It reduces the time spent on makeup regimens
  • It’s a better option for someone with oily skin
Amy Ponziani

How Can You Maintain Your Combo Brows?

Always listen to your practitioner’s advice regarding the maintenance process. If touch-ups are needed, speak to your practitioner and schedule an appointment accordingly as it’s important to maintain the precision and freshness of the color.

Keep in mind that it’s normal to have natural fading due to external conditions such as sun exposure and also internal factors such as the gradual breakdown of pigments.

Everyone will have a different experience with the fading process and it almost always depends on your lifestyle and skin type.

Shannon Houk

What to Ask at Your Initial Consultation?

It’s important to get your questions answered before you go in for the treatment. So feel free to ask anything and get your questions answered.

Not sure what to ask? Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How long does it take to heal?
  • Is a touch-up session necessary?
  • Is the treatment painful?
  • How will my combo brows last?
  • How long does the treatment take?
  • Do I need more than one session?